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Sagittarius II


Observational Details

  Coordinates: 18h00m00s -30d20m00s 
  Dates:	April 15, 2016 - September 2016
  Status:	Released
# HD Name V Sp.Type Contact PI TNDP1) Data avail.2)
1155203η Sco3.33F5 IV Paunzen 37678 PP
2157056θ Oph3.27B2 IV Pigulski 124329 PP
315779244 b Oph4.17A3m none 61982 PP
415791945 d Oph4.29F5 IV none 61781 PP
5158408υ Sco2.69B2 IV Pigulski 124538 PP
6158926λ Sco1.63B2 IV + B Pigulski 124543 PP
7159532θ Sco1.86F1 III none 124411 PP
8160578κ Sco2.41B1.5 III Pigulski 124477 PP
9161471ι1 Sco3.03F2 Iae none 124522 PP
10161592X Sgr4.54F7 II Moskalik 86738 PP
11161892G Sco3.21K2 III Kallinger 86708 PP
12164975γ1 Sgr4.69F7 Ib + A0 V Moskalik 86716 PP
13165135γ2 Sgr2.99K0 III Kallinger 86708 PP
14165634 4.56K0 IIICNVp Kallinger 6502 PP
15166937μ Sgr3.86B8 Iap Pigulski 43560 PP
16167618η Sgr3.11M3.5 III Kallinger 86644 PP
17168454δ Sgr2.67K2.5 IIIa_CN0.5 Kallinger 6528 PP
18169022ε Sgr1.85B9.5 III Pigulski 124525 PP
19169467α Tel3.21B3 IV Paunzen 37809 PP
20169916λ Sgr2.81K0 IV Kallinger 6564 PP
21172910 4.87B2 V Handler 6417 PP
1) This is the total number of data points from all satellites
2) PP means that the proprietary period (PP) hasn't passed yet.
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