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Canis Major / Puppis II

Field ID: 42-CMaPup-II-2018

Observational Details

 Coordinates:	RA[hms] = 7:15:00, Dec[°′″] = -32:41:00
 Observed:	October 20th, 2018 - April 20th, 2019
 Status:	Planned
 Satellites:	BTr


# HD Name V Sp.Type PIs/Contact PI
150013κ CMa3.96B1.5 IVne Baade
252089ε CMa1.50B2 II Handler
353138o2 CMa3.02B3 Iab Handler
454605δ CMa1.84F8 Ia Moffat
554893A Pup4.83B2 IV-V AP,GH,TM
65601427 (EW) CMa4.66B3 IIIe Baade
756139ω CMa3.85B2 IV-Ve Baade
85706029 (UW) CMa4.98O7 Ia:fp Moffat
957061τ CMa4.40O9 Ib Moffat
1057150υ1 Pup4.66B2V+B3IVne TM,AP,GH,DB
1158350η CMa2.45B5 Ia Handler
12596124.85A5 Ib Moffat
1361555k1 Pup4.50B6 V DB,AP
1461556k2 Pup4.62B5 IVn AP,EP
1561831d1 Pup4.84B2.5 V AP,GH,TM
16626233 l Pup3.96A2 Iabe Moffat
1763462o Pup4.50B0 V:pe: Baade
1864503b (QZ) Pup4.47B2 V Handler
1966811ζ Pup2.25O4 Ifnp Moffat
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